SXSW 2013: The intersection of innovation and inspiration

It’s been a few weeks since SXSW, but my brain is still buzzing from the conference! As I reviewed my scribbled notes, I noticed a reoccurring theme: Inspiration. When I hear the word “conference” I think academic-style speeches and professional networking. SXSW definitely has these elements, but more often than not I was surprised by how uplifting a session could be—even panels that I thought would be extremely technical.

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My personal SXSW Game Plan

SXSW is upon us yet again, and the Ad Council will be there hosting 2 panels:

Bullying: Social Media as Problem & Solution

Sparking Social Change with Content Integration

You can learn more about each panel here. If you plan on attending stop by and say hello.

At a recent planning meeting, the team started talking about what “gear” to bring and other questions about SXSW. Now I wouldn’t say that I’m a SXSW veteran. I’ve only been once before, so I consider myself a newb. However, based on that single experience I know what to expect this time around. I channeled my inner Cub Scout and decided to put together a small list to help folks prepare.

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Inspiring a New Generation that Every Beat Matters

The internet is vast. There’s definitely a lot of information out there. Some of it’s good, some bad, but at the end of the day the possibilities for discovery can be pretty amazing. Let me share an example. For our new Newborn and Child Survival campaign, Every Beat Matters, we partnered with Save the Children and OneRepublic to create an original song inspired by the heartbeats of children in need. Downloads of the song will benefit Save the Children’s lifesaving programs. Pretty cool idea right?
What’s even cooler is the way that song has already inspired young people. When the song was released we started participating in the conversations on our social media channels, and we discovered a young man by the name of JD from Colorado Springs, CO. He’s just an average 8-year-old fan of OneRepublic that decided to post a cover of their new song to YouTube.

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Inside the Ad Council with Anthony

Happy Friday! It’s about time for another installment of Inside the Ad Council. Armed with iPhones and Flip cams we’re highlighting staff across each department of the Ad Council. In our previous episode we heard from our Development department. This time around we interviewed Anthony from our Campaign Management team.

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Instagram and your brand

Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram has been the talk of the town in the past week. The fun and quirky little app and social network has been gaining serious momentum, yet there are still a lot of folks that aren’t familiar with it. So what makes it so different than other image sharing networks? There’s definitely something resonating with users to warrant a $1 billion price tag!

Early adopting brands are already using Instagram in a variety of ways. The question is, should your nonprofit or organization jump on the bandwagon? Now that the goliath Facebook is in Instagram’s corner, it looks like it could be here to stay.

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KONY 2012: Controversial & Educational

When I first watched KONY 2012 video on YouTube I was floored. It was an incredibly moving short film. The viral sensation got over 84,000,000 views in about 2 weeks, and has brought light to a serious issue. Invisible Children had a big, bold idea. And yet, the campaign is under scrutiny from critics. After a little investigating, I didn’t know what to think. Regardless of your opinion of the campaign, you can’t deny there are many lessons to learn from KONY 2012.

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Timeline Time: A guide to the new Facebook Pages for nonprofits

Last Wednesday you may have logged onto your organization’s Facebook page and saw it. The official notice from Facebook letting you know your page is going to get a new look! So many questions swam through my mind. What are the new features? What do I have to edit? How will my tabs look?!

Once I did a bit of research, I got really excited. The new pages look amazing and can really tell your organizations story in a visual and compelling way. With so many new changes we here at the Ad Council thought it would be a good idea to put an overview of the new pages with nonprofits in mind.

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