News of Note — September 27

How Honda Saved the American Drive-In from Extinction

Read about how Honda used its marketing muscle plus crowd-funding for Project Drive-In, which saved 9 locally owned drive-in movie theaters. They plan to save more by the end of the year. (PSFK)

Honda's Project Drive-In

Meet, the Google of Modern Politics

A critical look at the petition site and how it’s making money off the big data it collects from the site’s 45 million users. (Wired)

Loving the Mushy Stuff: The Success of Tissue Box Marketing

When it comes to ads and content, Ypulse says millennials love the tear jerker/inspirational messaging to break up life’s daily stress with that moment of catharsis. (Ypulse)

millennials love mushy content

The Dot Nots: Pew finds 15 percent of people don’t use the internet…and don’t want to

“Of the people who don’t go online, only 8 percent want to. The rest said they are not interested.” Read the whole study to find out why. (Pew)

Pew Internet study

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