A Special Announcement


After three great years of covering change-makers and social good, we’re excited to announce some changes to the Ad Council’s official blog, AdLibbing. From this point forward, we will narrow our focus to cover the real influencers in this world: cats.

You may be thinking: cats are not solving the critical social issues of our day. In fact, they may be contributing to social problems by promoting smug indolence. While that may be true, if you watch this GIF of an old-timey cat playing piano or this GIF of a cat being frightened by a shark balloon, you’ll forget all about that.

Although cats are not currently solving social problems, they could inspire you to believe that the impossible is possible. Take, for example, this cat who models 11 different hats. There is a cat out there who allows this?!

“We ran several focus groups and double-blind LOL tests, and the findings were clear: cats always win,” said the Ad Council’s Senior Vice President of Research Tony Foleno. When asked what exactly cats “win,” Foleno was too busy watching a video of Keyboard Cat on his phone to answer.

Don’t worry: we’ll still put a paw-sitive spin on the news-we’ll just incorporate an extra soft & furry dimension, like this momma cat who helps her kittens up a playground slide. Soon we’ll also transition to the new URL lolinator.com/lol/adlibbing.org, to include more lynx and change our headshot photos to have a pensive cat in the background.

Just when you thought it was impussible for AdLibbing to get any better, we decided to go fur it and add the final ingredient that could make it litter-ly purrfect. That’s right: cat puns-the more hair-i-ball, the better. You gato keep your standards high!


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