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Storytelling is a critical tool for any service organization seeking to project its voice and mission. At StoryCorps we’ve helped nonprofit organizations across the country share the stories of people whose lives have been positively affected by their work.

Through our onsite recording services,StoryCorps sends two of our trained Facilitators to record professional-quality interviews in any quiet room. Staff members, key stakeholders, and other community members have the chance to share their reflections on how an organization changed their perspectives or improved their lives. Participants are encouraged to share their own special story about the organization, such as the first time they visited a library or museum, or a memory about a person who makes their nonprofit great.

These honest and intimate conversations have proven to be an invaluable resource for organizations looking to reveal the human face behind their mission. Below are just a handful of the stories that we’ve recorded through our onsite services in recent years.

Adelphi University’s Performing Arts Center

Adelphi University’s Performing Arts Center recorded the campus community’s stories about their own families’ immigrant experiences for a special online feature to complement the themes of a theater production.

The AIDS Action Coalition

The AIDS Action Coalition of Huntsville Alabama used audio from StoryCorps interviews for a video in their “Light of Hope” campaign, which honors those affected by HIV / AIDS.


AARP brought the iconic StoryCorps MobileBooth to its annual convention to record stories of AARP members talking the importance of volunteer work in their lives website feature called “Straight from the Heart.”

The Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science used StoryCorps as part of an exhibit called, “Race: Are We So Different?” Visitors were given a chance to explore their own feelings and experiences about race, and the museum partnered with its local public radio station to broadcast a series of conversations.

National Network of Arab-American Communities

National Network of Arab-American Communities captured experiences of Arab-Americans ten years after the attacks of September 11, and shared the voices on an educational website called Reclaiming Identity: Dismantling Arab Stereotypes.

While there is a fee associated with our onsite services, there is no cost for organizations to record interviews inspired by StoryCorps. Our Do-It-Yourself Instruction Guide provides step-by-step instructions, great questions, and recommendations for recording equipment that you can use to record StoryCorps-inspired interviews on your own.

Through individual voices, you can amplify your organization’s message. Empower the people you work with their share their stories, because every voice matters.

Michelle Bova

About Michelle Bova

Michelle Bova is a Custom Services Associate with StoryCorps. She works with a diverse and ever-growing group of nonprofit organizations to schedule onsite recording events that support and celebrate their missions.

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