Did you notice the emphasis I put in my opening question? I’m not one to use all caps nor put more than one question mark. (It always seemed very dramatic and overkill to me.) But, today is an important day. Today is the day we exercise our right to vote and, therefore, I stand by my capital letters and three question marks.

To make your voting experience a little easier, the folks at Rock the Vote have provided you with all the information you need to get your voice heard. They can tell you where to find your polling place, where to call with questions/problems and they give you a fun image to post telling all your friends, family, co-workers, etc. that you voted.

And, remember your VOTE counts!!!



Danna Kulzer

About Danna Kulzer

As Director of Non-Profit and Government Affairs, Danna is responsible for marketing the Ad Council’s unique communications model and serving as a resource to the nonprofit and government community. From her experiences at the Ad Council, she will aim to shed some light on the many cost effective ways of getting an organization’s message heard. That’s right, cost effective.

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