A Little Cheer Gets Lots of Attention

Getting fathers to engage with their kids isn’t as easy as it may sound. There are all sorts of perceived barriers that need to be overcome before some Dads take that first step. Some may think they don’t have the money, the time or the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of their children.

With the help of the Ad Council, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance and the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse told a simple story that leapt over all of these hurdles with one simple television spot entitled “Cheerleader.” It features one man. One daughter. And one memorable cheerleading routine that has charmed America while underscoring the campaign’s underlying theme: “The smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child’s life.”

The commercial has since become one of the most popular and effective communications in the history of the Ad Council. It’s been featured on “The View” and even generated its own Facebook fan page. “Cheerleader” narrator, Tom Selleck, has promoted the campaign on national TV programs like “Live! With Regis and Kelly.” Overall, the spot has earned a staggering $9.7 million in donated media since 2008.

Most importantly, though, is that such a vital message resonated with so many people across the country. And while there’s clearly still more work to do, “Cheerleader” undoubtedly got more men to stop, think and ‘Take Time to Be a Dad Today.’

Happy Father’s Day!

Guest Blogger David Bierman

About Guest Blogger David Bierman

David is creative lead on Lowe Campbell Ewald’s work for the Ad Council’s “Take Time to Be a Dad Today” campaign. It has become one of the most successful efforts in the history of the Ad Council. In addition, David serves as Group Creative Director for a number of Lowe Campbell Ewald clients, including Carolinas Healthcare System, Consumers Energy, MotorCity Casino Hotel and OnStar. He has won a number of industry awards, including a Cannes Lions and Clio.


  1. Gail says

    That “Cheerleader” commerical is my favorite ever!!! Happy Father’s Day everyone :)

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