How Nonprofits Can Supercharge Engagement with Viddy

Viddy is the new mobile social network that focuses on sharing short videos with friends. Along the same lines as Twitter’s 140 character limit, the platform only allows for 15 second video uploads. This limit creates a new focus for video content because all the clips are short and to the point, forcing users, brands and nonprofits to get their point across quickly and effectively.

Nonprofits may not initially see the benefit to being active on Viddy, but in actuality the growing social network can really help highlight a nonprofit’s mission in a few important ways. Now’s the time for nonprofits to take advantage of this opportunity, since very few have an active presence on Viddy at this point.

Highlighting Milestones
Sharing your nonprofit’s story, especially for a less established organization, is crucial for people to take note of your mission, contribute their time and donate to your cause. Telling your nonprofit’s history is a means of relaying a message to your audience about your goals and interests. Viddy is easy and effective way of doing of sharing this message in quick blurbs that don’t have any cost, intensive time commitment or need for a high production value.

Take a Viddy of your latest donation drive, public event or even of your growth as an organization. By adding to your nonprofit’s timeline you’re helping craft a more concise story of your cause and how your organization came about to aid this cause. Use hashtags in your Viddy if the particular video is going to be part of a larger series, like your annual 5K fundraiser that you’ll take note of every year. Think creatively, Viddy should be a fun way of documenting what you’ve got going on as an organization.

Sharing Quick Tips
By sharing insightful tips with your audience, you’re bringing them value, not to mention, quick and easy ways of supporting or spreading awareness of your cause. Viddy can help to facilitate this sharing by giving your nonprofit a vehicle from which to echo your mission. For instance, if your nonprofit is focused on recycling in urban areas, some of your Viddy’s can reflect this messaging by suggesting new ways of conserving and reusing your waste in everyday life. Videos can be far more impactful then text or images, therefore they are more likely to lead to action especially when they’re only seen in 15 second intervals. Viddy forces an organization to get to the point, sharing only the most important info to its audience.

Attention to the Human Element
In two distinct ways, you can bring a human face to your nonprofit using Viddy. First off, Viddy gives you and others working at or partnering with your organization a place to have fun and be quirky. Take Viddys of real people in your community, highlighting the human connection. Do something spontaneous and unrelated to your mission, showing your true personality. It’s an easy way to show the individuals behind your organization aren’t just a name, but a person genuinely looking to change the world for the better.

For an example, the National Breast Cancer Foundation had an initiative that featured kid’s thanking their mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day. It was engaging way to bring a positive tone to the organization’s account by simply adding Viddys of smile children talking about their mothers.

Secondly, Viddy is a haven for celebrities of all levels of fame. Viddy or Viddywood, has attracted the likes of Rihanna, Britney Spears, Meek Mill and others stars that have helped quickly grow the platform. This is relevant to nonprofits because they can look to incorporate celebrity endorsements in a fresh and interesting way using this network. Endorsements have long been a marketing tactic for drawing attention to a particular issue. With a 15 second Viddy, celebrity talent can look to quickly and easily shine the light on a nonprofit of their choosing. Reach out to talent that would be relevant to help promote your efforts and incorporate Viddy into that endorsement partnership.


Showing How Donations Are Put To Good Use
One of the first questions many people have before donating to a cause is often where and how their money is going to be used. Video is a visual and straightforward way of showing how a person’s money or time will be used towards a particular cause. Viddy merely helps highlight where your donation is going in a much more concise format. Show your audience different aspects of your facilities, service projects, clean up efforts, donated items or other ways their money has or will be spent. The more upfront and honest you are with your audience, the more likely they will begin to support and trust your organization. Trust is a powerful way of building long lasting relationships and Viddy is another avenue where nonprofits can look to bolster these quality connections.

 Is your organization on Viddy? What strategies is your non-profit looking to use on this new mobile social network? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Brian Honigman is the Digital Marketing Manager at Marc Ecko Enterprises. He is a part of Ecko’s marketing and e-commerce team, ensuring a polished brand experience across all channels. Follow Ecko on Viddy.


Guest blogger Brian Honigman

About Guest blogger Brian Honigman

Brian Honigman is the Digital Marketing Manager at Marc Ecko Enterprises where he is a part of Ecko’s marketing and e-commerce team, ensuring a polished brand experience across all channels. He is also a contributing author to a number of digital marketing publications, including Mashable, Social Media Examiner, Business Insider and others. Follow him on Twitter @BrianHonigman.

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