The Impassioned Few

In the wake of last week’s news regarding the Penn State sexual abuse scandal, the media turned its attention to Joe Paterno’s career.  It seemed that every news channel, website, station or publication was debating whether or not JoePa should resign or be fired; then they focused their coverage on the Penn State protesters’ reaction to his ultimate termination.  Meanwhile, a group of Penn State Alums who were enraged by the coverage of the incident decided to reframe the issue and remind people that there are victims in this story.  Four former students— Jerry & Jaime Needel, Bob Troia and Larena Lettow—teamed up with the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) to support the victims and survivors of sexual abuse. 

Since the Penn State news story broke (one week ago), these former students jumped on the issue, created a website, began spreading the word through their social media networks and have recently begun receiving some traditional media coverage. 

As described on their website—— are:Blog6_2

In one week they have raised over $390,000 — more than half-way to their goal to raise $500,000. 

Congratulations to these Penn State Alums for putting the focus back on the victims.  You have inspired us individuals in the social marketing world; reminding us that it only takes an impassioned few to do a lot for an issue or cause.

Sheri Klein

About Sheri Klein

As a Research Director, Sheri Klein is responsible for advising the planning and research process for the Ad Council’s public service campaigns. She is also responsible for evaluating campaign effectiveness and conducing cross-campaign analyses for the organization. A sociologist in training (and at heart), Sheri has been involved in social research for over 10 years and plans to chronicle research trends and best practices within the social marketing world.


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    Sheri and team – thanks so much for this mention. We really appreciate you helping us get the word out and make a difference. Many of us involved have been in social for a decade (believe it or not!) but have never realized the full power of it until now.

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