Forward Thinking with YouTube

YouTube is popular platform for a social marketing campaign strategy, especially when you have great video content to share. For our FWD (Famine, War, Drought) campaign with USAID we are leveraging a fancy customized YouTube channel and a fleet of YouTube stars to help spread the word about the unacceptable crisis in the Horn of Africa.

The new, souped-up brand channel (see allows for easy viewing and sharing of all video content. It also offers a platform for viewers to upload their own FWD videos and join the conversation using YouTube, Facebook or Twitter – all of which are seamlessly integrated thanks to the This Moment platform and technology.

FWD YouTube

When it comes to YouTube influencers, YouTube stars have impressive and devoted followings. We are thrilled that upwards of 10 YouTube stars agreed to create their own FWD YouTube videos to post to their millions of fans encouraging them to get involved.

Here is one of my favorites from Alex Farnham:

Feeling inspired? I thought so. Today is FWD Day and we are asking everyone to join us in spreading the word about the Famine, War and Drought in the Horn of Africa by forwarding the facts on social media. The goal is 13 million FWDs, one for every person affected by this crisis.

  • Upload your own FWD video asking friends and family to FWD the facts
  • Spread the word on Facebook & Twitter.  FWD the facts from or copy and past the messages below:
    • Facebook: Getting the word out is as important as important as giving. Today is FWD Day, so FWD the facts to help the millions suffering from the Famine, War, and Drought in the Horn of Africa
    • Twitter: The crisis in the #HornofAfrica is affecting 13 million people. You can help. Text ‘GIVE’ to 777444 to donate $10, and FWD the word. #fwd
    • Text GIVE to 444777 to donate $10 to a consortium of humanitarian organizations working in the Horn of Africa OR donate online.
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